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The Creative Era and the future of work

We’re living in a time like no other. As the digital sphere meets information, media and creative content, ideas are spreading faster and further than ever before. But we’re not just finding new ways to keep up with the news, book a room or pay for things – every...

Keep Looking, Stay Curious

For this parents letter I have decided to share something from my recent graduate address, as it has become somewhat of a personal motto for me as we are preparing to enter the next decade of the third millennium. A large part of the courses I teach venture into the...

An Inspiring Choice

As a businessman with a financial services background, venturing into the unfamiliar territory of tertiary education was somewhat precarious for me. Even more daunting was the field of endeavour, being creative studies, particularly as the project was tackled as a...

Contextual Studies Nurtures Critical Thinking

The World Economic Forum rates critical thinking as the second most important skill to thrive in 2020. From its moment of inception, the foundation course of Contextual Studies has been focussed on developing critical thought. The seeds for a curious engagement with...
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