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An Inspiring Choice

by 5 Oct 2019Business, Education

As a businessman with a financial services background, venturing into the unfamiliar territory of tertiary education was somewhat precarious for me. Even more daunting was the field of endeavour, being creative studies, particularly as the project was tackled as a startup venture. Startups in South Africa are seldom successful, as often pointed out by statistics.

The reason why my resolve and belief in the venture held firm is quite simple: The people with whom I teamed up to start the Cape Town Creative Academy count amongst the best creative academics in the country and even internationally. From the humble start of the company in 2012 it has steadily grown into a private university regarded as best of breed in South Africa, managed by a team of thoroughly professional academics. Their numbers are supplemented each year with more individuals of the same caliber, drawn to our campus by the CTCA’s reputation for uncompromised quality and academic integrity.

My involvement on the business side of the university is a constant source of not only pride, but also continuous joy. We have never wavered in our belief that every graduate will be an asset adding real and unique value to local and international business communities. The sense of achievement we feel when the success of our senior students are celebrated by the degree bestowed upon them at the graduation ceremony, cannot be overestimated.

Should your son or daughter be amongst those students who have graced this special ceremony with their success, you have every reason to be massively proud. Your collective choice of the Cape Town Creative Academy as university of choice has been an inspired one.

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