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Why choose the Creative Academy?

We’re for the future makers. Our courses will not only transform you, but equip you with the in-demand skills to transform the future.

An environment that celebrates the individual

Our registered and accredited degrees focus on the individual, above all helping our students to develop skills that have been identified by the World Economic Forum as the most sought-after in the modern job market: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, teamwork and cognitive flexibility.

The Creative Academy offers a unique educational experience that empowers students to transform talent, passion and drive into career-ready skills that will allow them to boldly shape the future, rather than just live in it.


The Creative Academy experience is one of personal growth, independent thinking and creative discovery. Our students experience this in an environment of playfulness and care.

Campus & Staff

Our beautiful campus and inspiring surroundings, combined with our faculty of world-class lecturers and mentors and excellent art facilities offer an environment of development like no other.


As a community of creative practitioners, the Creative Academy is home to students that are leaders in thinking, doing and making.  

Is the Creative Academy the place for you?

  • Do you have the courage to shape the future rather than just living in it?
  • Are you bold enough to be a leader in a world of followers?
  • Do you care more about being real than about fitting in?
  • Do you dare to challenge the status quo and push boundaries?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then the Creative Academy is the place to transform your future.



Interested in enrolling? Here’s everything you need to know on our admissions process and requirements.

More about us

At the Creative Academy we are guided by a mission and ethics, and our courses are fully accredited.

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