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Grad launch 2019

by 13 Nov 2019Education, News & Events

Welcome to a week of fresh thinking and live-wire energy: it’s the Creative Academy graduate showcase on 25-29 November 2019. Join the audience as our students launch their professional careers.

The Creative Academy grad launch is the official culmination of our degree courses. This is the moment when our students step onto the professional stage. Because last year’s presentation format was so successful, this year’s showcase will again offer graduating students a platform to present themselves. Each student will have the opportunity to pitch their creative portfolio through a personal presentation.

For our graduating students, it’s the first pitch of many they’ll undertake in their creative careers. It’s a chance to present their artistic vision and impress the external examiners with their innovative work. For creative directors and talent scouts, our grad launch is an opportunity to get a first look at the bright minds who’ll be shaping the future. For the public, the showcase is nothing less than an exhilarating ride through fresh thinking and top-notch work.

Communication Design is one of four Creative Academy degree courses whose graduating students will present their work to examiners and the public between 25 and 29 November 2019.

The format of grad launch 2019

In the style of an open pitch, each student from the class of 2019 will get 50 minutes to present their creative portfolio. They will showcase not only work from their major – whether Communication, Interaction or Motion Design – but also their chosen minor: Illustration, Photography, Animation or 3D Visualisation.

Presentations will take place on the following days (see the detailed programme below):

25-27 November 2019: Communication Design presentations

26-27 November 2019: Contemporary Art presentations

28 November 2019: Interaction Design presentations

29 November 2019: Motion Design presentations

Like the other students, those specialising in Motion Design will have 50 minutes to present work from their major as well as minor subject.

“It is amazing how different the work is from student to student. Viewers will marvel at the diverse executions and solutions to the same project challenges,” says Gustav Vermeulen, marketing manager of the Creative Academy. Guests are welcome to attend the full week’s worth of presentations, or to drop in as they like. Prospective design students in particular will find the presentations stimulating.

Graduating students in Interaction Design will present their creative solutions for a variety of platforms.

Contemporary Art grad launch

This year marks the first graduating class of the Creative Academy’s degree in Contemporary Art. This unique degree is the first Bachelor of Art in Contemporary Art programme in South Africa.

The art students will have their own presentations on 26 and 27 November 2019. What’s more, an exhibition of their work will open at 18:00 on 27 November, running until Saturday 30 November 2019. A unique opportunity to discover an emerging artist before the rest of the world does.

Final year students in Contemporary Art will have an exhibition of their artwork in addition to their presentations.

Want to attend the grad launch? There is no need to book, you can simply present yourself at our campus at Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill to sit in on the presentations. Secure paid parking is available.

View the full programme of student presentations below.

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