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#MeetOurAlumni: Eunice Pieterse

by 6 Sep 2021Alumni, Culture, Tech

Our alumni have always been a diverse group, sharing a passion for design innovation and boldly shaping the future rather than just living in it. Here are some of their stories:

Meet Eunice Pieterse

Ever since I can remember I have been involved with art and creating in some way. Whether it was with my grandparents, parents, at the DIY jewellery store or at art classes. Never have I not been busy drawing or building something. I never knew what specifically I wanted to do after school, I just always knew it had to be something in the broad spectrum of the creative world. After a great deal of research into colleges and careers CTCA caught my eye. They offered the most up-to-date courses available. Before I knew it I was on my way to visit CTCA and meet some of the lecturers. Immediately I felt at home and found my tribe. I then relocated from Namibia as soon as possible to start my studies and life in the city.

What have you been up to since graduating?

I graduated in Motion Design Studies in 2017 after falling in love with 3D and Motion Graphics. I completed my internship at Masters & Savant and after 3 years I am still there.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since graduating?

It has been such a crazy experience working with big brands all over the globe. And I am proud to say I have not only worked with these big brands but also with companies that do good in the world. Getting phone calls from relatives and friends because they just saw your work on TV will always hold a special memory.

Is there anything you miss about being a student at Creative Academy?

Yes, constantly being challenged to explore new avenues. Being exposed to new ways of thinking in a set learning environment holds so much value, and at college, you have the time to do so.

What advice do you have for current students?

Work hard, it will not go unnoticed. Your portfolio will scream your talent and passion for your work to your future employers. Build connections with the incredible lecturers, even after college they are always there to help and give advice, don’t be afraid to reach out. 

What inspires you?

Everyday life. There are so many avenues where you can find inspiration. Sometimes it comes from the physical world (a beautiful painting/ an innovative animation/ rocks at the beach) or you create work inspired by your mood and feeling of life at the time. The best inspiration comes from that feeling of butterflies in your stomach or your childlike wonder, it is an idea-generating machine. Never lose that when growing up.


What is next for you?

I am busy building on my 3D and Motion Design skills to harness them into Creative Directing rolls. I would also love to showcase my paintings at an exhibition or auction.

Why should aspiring creatives consider the Creative Academy as a place to study?

CTCA will help you harness, strengthen and build your skills as a creative. They are innovative in their ways of teaching, and it is all based on up-to-date industry standards, lecturers end up being industry mentors.

Check out Eunice’s incredible work




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