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#MeetOurAlumni: Lianca Heemro

by 12 Jul 2021Alumni, Culture, News & Events

Our alumni have always been a diverse group, sharing a passion for design innovation and boldly shaping the future rather than just living in it. Here are some of their stories:

Meet Lianca Heemro

I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa. I grew up here, and I feel very connected to this city as my base. I’ve always had a passion and interest in art and design. Since a young age I would practice drawing and sketching out of tattoo magazines that my uncle bought for me. I did this for a long time.

What I like about the Contemporary Art degree at the Creative Academy is that the students are taught to create art in any medium. I am now mostly working in installation art, sculpture, textile, painting and photography. Growing up I didn’t fully understand that this opportunity would be possible.

There’s huge liberty in connecting with your creativity. So I feel that’s what drives my passion. The Creative Academy aligned with my goals and taught me how to engage deeper with my passion.

I graduated in 2020. I wanted to study contemporary art specifically, and at the time was looking for a university or college that aligned with my career goals and my passion for art.

I realised the Creative Academy would offer that to me, and I feel privileged to have learnt the knowledge and skills I have – as well as having a very dedicated bunch of staff to guide me. 

What have you been up to since graduating?

I have been an artist assistant, gallery assistant intern, and right now I am a full-time artist as well as freelance assistant to various gallerists/ artists/ photographers.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since graduating/what are you proudest of?

I have two: having the privilege of interning at Stevenson gallery; and having the opportunity to experiment within my art practice.

 Is there anything you miss about being a student at Creative Academy?

I miss studying, learning and the connection to other artists.

What advice do you have for current students?

Follow your passion, but also really engage with your technical skills. This will be so important in the future.

What inspires you/your work?

Many things. I would say that in my overall art practice, the core element delves into the archaeology and genealogy of memory. Other themes delve into the sciences, geography, mathematics, linguistics, spirituality, cultural, history, philosophy, visual perceptions, and metaphysics.

What is next for you?

I plan to study again! It’s something I am really excited about. 

Why should aspiring creatives consider the Creative Academy as a place to study?

One thing I really appreciated about my degree was the enthusiasm and dedication of the staff who were teaching us and facilitating classes.

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