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#MeetOurLecturers: Tommaso Fiscaletti , Photography Lecturer

by 18 Feb 2021Culture, News & Events


Tommaso Fiscaletti

Photography Lecturer


Tommaso Fiscaletti was born in Cattolica, Italy in 1981 and has been based in Cape Town since 2013.

His creative work is focused on existential themes like human relations and an awareness of nature and the universe. The connection between the characters and the environment is often the primary concept of his work. Tommaso has received several awards since 2004, has been published in various magazines and books, and has been exhibited in private galleries and public spaces such as Museo Santa Maria della Scala in Siena and the IZIKO South African Museum in Cape Town. He has also held workshops at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Milan.

In 2016 he began work on a long-term project with Nic Grobler:  “Hemelliggaam or The Attempt To Be Here Now”  a visual archive comprising photographs and video installations, exploring the existential aspects of the human-environment-astronomy relationship.

The project is constantly moving between the reality of important scientific sites (such as the South African Large Telescope in Sutherland and the Square Kilometer Array in Carnarvon) and the imaginative fragments of old Afrikaans science fiction novels.

Tommaso’s latest research project, “Cocoon” is an extension of the Hemelliggaam project. It features a single installation of a multitude of components taken from an existential archive that moves between reality and fiction. The fragmentation of the archive represents the expression of this installation, where content, materials and experiences are overlaid to spark new (potentially endless) suggestions.

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