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Preparation for Term 2

by 30 Mar 2020News & Events, Tech

The recent week has been both challenging and interesting to the staff at the Creative Academy.

We are preparing for a lock-down or social distancing that may extend past the expected timeframe of 20 April. Gearing towards an online or blended mode of learning presents an exciting test for the academic staff.  At the heart of this challenge, sits a reminder of the value of creativity; as a force for the innovative, the disruption of regular routines, problem-solving, critical thinking and navigating uncharted terrains.  

The unforeseen reality of a national lock-down not only provided the Academy with the opportunity to explore new methods of enriching our educational offering, but also the chance to practice what we teach; creative agility, cognitive flexibility and passion-driven resilience. 

During the past week, the Creative Academy adapted a stable cloud-based structure in which to organise our programme content and to enable effective online delivery to ensure our quality of teaching and learning will not be compromised. An international standard for content management, Google, provides the perfect platform for effective communication to individuals and groups, distribution of media-rich content and storage of recorded lectures
and interactions. 

Lecturers plan shorter, and media enriched lectures that will manage to compete with the contact experience. Even though the social dynamics in a real classroom situation cannot be replicated, the lecturers will do their best to provide students with a meaningful and enriching learning experience. Still, qualifying for online delivery, we are given the opportunity to spread our reach, to develop fantastic online content that will provide an extra dimension to the regular contact teaching and learning.

Preparing Students and Staff:

The Interaction Design lecturers, Walt Geldenhuys and Justin Hartman are developing a Classroom hub to teach students and lecturers to make the best out of online teaching, remote instruction, collaboration and student engagement. The Creative Academy appointed Walt to assist students in the transition to distant learning.

The Student Representative Council:

What an exceptional group of young leaders! The SRC has compiled a series of activities in which they want to engage every student (Maximum Audience Reach) at the Creative Academy to inspire, to build a community, to share and to support. They already continued the film-club activities online and will introduce most of the initiatives including Podcasts, Live-art creations and streaming interactive videos soon. We encourage all our students to participate in these initiatives and contribute ideas of engagement.

Student support:

This crucial support is available to all students. Our team, Lizl Roos, Thandi Mkhunqa and Katy Menell are on standby to assist students who are struggling emotionally, especially in this trying time. This support group looks after the psychological wellbeing of the students; academic feedback is not their task. Any student who needs to speak to Lizl is welcome to email her at l.roos@ctca.co.za or phone her 073 148 3916.

Lecturer Availability:

All lecturers will be available from today, Monday 30 March. Please feel free to email your lecturers should you need their advice regarding term one projects that you will hand in during the week of 27 April. Remember that all lecturer email addresses are composed of the persons initial, dot, surname @ctca.co.za

Have a creative lockdown. Let us know about your inspirations. 

Should you have any questions regarding the lock-down of the Creative Academy, please do not hesitate to contact me directly f.gebert@ctca.co.za

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