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Student portal

Student portal

Welcome to the student portal

CTCA Student Portal 

The CTCA portal contains your official academic information and essential student support. Log in often to see your timetable,, the courses you are enrolled for, on-record academic results,  important dates and information on resubmissions, extensions, absenteeism, general rules and other important notices. Please use your Google login with the @ctca credentials  (e.g. 23999@ctca.co.za) that have been assigned to you. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Registrar at admin@ctca.co.za.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is phasing out from 2023 and making room for Canvas, our new learning management system. Students who are already familiar with Classroom will keep using it to manage their studies without any issues. The use of Google Course Classroom pertains only to second and third year students.  You will receive an invite from your lecturer to join your course Classroom. The new Portal will replace the general Student and Parent Classrooms.

Canvas LMS

Canvas is a learning management system that contains information, study material and assignments for all the courses you have been enrolled for at the CTCA.  All new students registered from 2023 will be using Canvas to manage their studies. Please log into Canvas often to see important discussions, manage assignment deadlines, access learning resources and receive marks & feedback from your lecturers.

To log in to Canvas, please first make sure that you are logged in to Gmail or any other Google app using your @ctca (e.g. 23999@ctca.co.za) email address. Once logged in, use the apps tray in the top-right corner and scroll down to find the Canvas icon. Should you need any technical assistance, please contact tech@ctca.co.za.

Feeling lost or confused?

Please contact our friendly student liaison, Lizl Roos l.roos@ctca.co.za for guidance.

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