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Student Tools

Students, here you can find useful information and downloads to help you get the admin stuff squared away quickly and easily.

Student Support

The Creative Academy is committed to providing a safe and respectful educational environment where every individual student and staff member are nurtured not only academically, but emotionally as well.

We realise that the pressures of tertiary education can lead to anxiety and uncertainty, and therefore encourage open and clear communication between staff and students.

As experienced educators, our staff members are well aware of, and empathetic, towards the academic, emotional and physical challenges associated with tertiary studies and are committed to the students’ academic progress and emotional wellbeing. A dedicated team of experienced staff members is also available to offer support to students who are in need of any form of assistance.

At the Creative Academy we firmly believe in not only creating academic leaders, but also in nurturing the holistic wellbeing of every individual.

The democratically elected Student Representative Council (SRC) functions as the collective voice of our students.

The SRC supports the student body by being available to all students to discuss any grievances and academic or social challenges, and facilitating dialogue between management and students.

The SRC Code of Conduct binds members to a discretionary handling of student support matters in order to ensure that all students are supported with respect and trust. If additional support is required, the SRC will refer students to the relevant staff-member for further support.

At the Creative Academy, every student has a voice.

Student Portal

The Creative Academy’s University Management System (UMS) is a secure, online student information system that provides registered students access to their registration information, course details, timetables, term marks, assessment feedback and academic reports on their individual password-protected Student Portal. The password-protected Parent Portal provides parents and guardians access to monitor the student’s academic performance throughout the year,

Email admin@ctca.co.za should you experience any problems accessing the UMS.


Students have to register for each year of enrolment.
The registration fee is non-refundable and must be paid before classes commence.
All students must be registered by the end of January. A penalty fee of R500 will be charged for registrations after 1 February.

Click here for the Online Re-Registration Form

Fee Structure

Fee Structure 2020 BA (Communication Design)
BA (Interaction Design)
BA (Motion Design)
BA (Contemporary Art)
Tuition Fee Per Year R101 700 R82 500
Payable at Registration

R18 800 [Registration Fee*]

+ R2 900 [Software License]

= R21 700

R16 500 [Registration Fee*]

+ R2 600 [Art Levy] 

+ R2 900 [Software License]

= R22 000

Tuition Fee Balance R82 900 R66 000
See Payment Plans & Discounts Click Here Click Here

Total Fees


Tuition fee: R101 700

+ Software license: R2900

= R104 600



Tuition fee: R82 500 

+ Art materials: R2600 

+ Software license: R2900 

= R88 000


Account holder: Cape Town Creative Academy (Pty) Ltd
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch: Grayston Drive, Sandton
Branch no: 580105
Account no: 10011 614 972
Account type: Current account
Reference: Please use Student’s Student Number

Swift Code for international transactions: IVESZAJJXXX

Additional Expenses

Students have to budget for additional expenses that are not included in the tuition fee.

Registration & Tuition Fee Payment

The Creative Academy offers R2000 discount [full credit enrolments] or R1000 [part-credit enrolments] on the early payment of the registration fee as well as discounts on the full tuition fee, if paid in full before specific dates.

– The course fee is inclusive of the registration fee.
– A registration fee must be paid for each year of enrolment and is non-refundable.
– The registration fee must be paid before classes commence.
– The registration fee is payable by electronic transfer (EFT) or bank deposit and is deducted from the course fees.
– The balance is payable either in full or over the remainder of the academic year (February – November).

* Part-credit study: Students who do not enrol for the full 120 credits in one academic year. The registration fee for part-credit studies is R17 750. Part-credit fees are determined by the number of credits a student enrols for. Discounts apply to enrolment for at least 60 credits. Students attend the same classes as full-credit students and the content of the courses is exactly the same.


In addition to the non-refundable annual registration fee, non-South African students (excluding citizens of SADC and other African countries) must pay an international levy at registration.

This levy will be charged as follows: R10 000 (1st year); R6 000 (2nd year) and R4 000 (3rd year).

Please note: If costs are incurred when money is transferred from abroad, these costs will be debited to the student’s account (between R250 and R850 per transaction).

Discounts & Student Loans



The tuition fee balance (after registration fees are paid) is payable over 10 monthly instalments (from February to November).

– Instalments are interest-free, however, fees that are in arrears will bear interest.
– Instalments are payable by debit order. Debit orders are submitted to the bank either on the 1st or the 15th of a month.Should you have any questions regarding the tuition fees, do not hesitate to contact us.


The Creative Academy offers discounts on the tuition fee, if paid in full before specific dates.

For Communication Design / Interaction Design / Motion Design:
For Contemporary Art:

Student Loans

When applying for a Student Loan at any major South African Bank, please refer to our accreditation reference with the Department of Higher Education and Training: Department of Higher Education and Training: No 2014/HE07/009. The bank representatives are welcome to request a copy of the Certificate of Accreditation by contacting us at info@ctca.co.za.

If you are interested in applying for a Student Loan through a facilitator who can assist with the bank application, please contact Elize Eglington at bankloans@ctca.co.za.