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What is Interaction Design

by 22 Jul 2021Education

“Interaction is the essence of all user experiences. It is the conversation between your product and your user, and if the conversation is boring, your user will leave and talk to someone more interesting.” (UXPin team)

The ever-changing digital revolution has led to the development of various new and exciting career opportunities for creative individuals who would like to be at the forefront of change and innovation.
With a focus on User-Interface and User-Experience design, our BA degree in Interaction design puts the human in the centre of technological developments.

With the global shift from a product-driven to an experience-driven economy, Interaction Design focuses on the importance of digital user experiences in everyday life.
Sitting at the heart of the fastest expanding industries in the world, the understanding of the design and development of interactive digital experiences, places students at the top of the employability chain.

Why fear that Artificial Intelligence will take over your job, when you can be working alongside AI in developing what our digital future will look like?

“We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave.” ― Donald A. Norman, Living with Complexity


Lend your creativity and problem-solving skills to the development of websites, apps and desktop software. With a degree in Interaction Design you can become a sought-after specialist in one or more of the following areas:

• Front-End Design
• App Design
• User Experience Design
• User Interface Design
• Digital Strategy
• Usability Testing


The global pandemic forced all of us to do things differently. So we switched from Survival mode to Creative and decided to respawn in a freshly generated new world!

A passionate Creative Academy team has been building (to scale) the entire Creative Academy campus and the immediate surrounds of the Old Biscuit Mill, in Minecraft. We are showcasing the innovative building solutions and creativity that turned an everyday gaming platform into an experiential communications tool by reinterpreting a real world space into the adventurous and colourful world of Minecraft. We created a new biome where COVID doesn’t exist and social distancing is only used to run away from Skeletons. That is the transporting power of creativity and a fine example of Interaction Design.

#What do Industry professionals have to say

Matthew Sanders, CEO and founder of Longbeard, a digital strategy and design agency, headquartered in Rome, with offices in Toronto, Phoenix, and Cape Town, serving a global client base.

“One of the things we always look for when we hire people is how much time we are going to invest to get them to the point where they can integrate seamlessly into our workflows. The students of the Creative Academy had a much lower ramp-up period, and a lot of that has to do with the training and the education they received. Their theoretical knowledge and practical skill sets are really good and on point. “It really has set them apart from a lot of other designers we’ve had over the years. I am not sure how to describe it, but their attitude, their intelligence and experience made them exceptional.”

#What do our students say

“I’ve had a lot of great feedback on the quality of education and training I have received at the CTCA. Employers are astonished by the level of our portfolios and the level of our technical training and software training is of top standard. Also having the opportunity to be educated in different fields provided a benefit to me (referring to minor subjects), as that enabled me to handle a number of different tasks, which employers like.”
Johan van Zyl (ID Graduate)

“The CTCA offers a great, practical course that is very industry-related and relevant. I had an incredible experience and learnt so much. Thanks CTCA!”
Jessica Veitch (ID Graduate)

“I loved my experience at the CTCA, it is a nurturing and productive environment that listens to its students and constantly improves its own curricula.”
Jonathan Field (ID Graduate)



Walt Geldenhuys

Walt is a tinkerer and a problem solver at heart. Having a natural passion for technology & design, he finds creative expression through computer code, Minecraft & poetry alike. Walt has spent the last decade demystifying the web to under-graduate students and professional designers while pursuing interests in online education, web development and UI design. As a lecturer, Walt’s strength lies in simplifying difficult-to-grasp concepts and fostering a solid foundational understanding of human-centred design. Walt is currently the programme coordinator for Interaction Design as well as the resident technological solutions officer for the Academy.

Schalk Venter
Schalk Venter is a second & third-year Interaction Design lecturer. Coming from the world of freelance, he works on various personal, commercial and open-source projects. His focus primarily lies within the worlds of user research, product design and front-end development. He co-founded a non-profit organization called “Front-end Development South Africa”. FEDSA aims to facilitate the open and free sharing of knowledge between practitioners as a means to a richer, more accessible and user-centred web experience for all South Africans.

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